About Us

Medasil is a family owned business, founded in 1974 by Reuben Vincent, we are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the North East of England. We currently employ a local workforce of forty personnel who are highly motivated and dedicated to the success of the company.

We are specialist manufacturers of silicone tubing and surgical devices used in operating theatres; our products are mainly manufactured and hand finished at our premises in Leeds to the highest possible standard. Because we are specialist manufacturers we are able to work closely with medical professionals, helping them to develop solutions to some of the challenges they face. We supply our products to the N.H.S, distributors and private hospitals around the U.K. as well as exporting to many organisations worldwide. Many of our products have been designed in response to requests from leading surgeons and operating theatre personnel.

The founder of the company, Reuben Vincent, was highly motivated and innovative, he created quality products at competitive prices, and he always placed major emphasis on both customer interaction and customer satisfaction; we value these concepts and they remain at the forefront of our daily activities.

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