Silicone Atraumatic Forceps Sleeves


Extruded from high-quality silicone, a half-moon shaped, a ribbed tube which conforms to forceps sleeves.

CodeDiameterLengthSterile / Non-SterileColour
82SL-L7.14mm254mm (10”)SterileBlue
82SL-M5.60mm254mm (10”)SterileWhite
82SL-S3.20mm254mm (10”)SterileRed
82R-L 25ft7.14mm7.62m (25ft)Non-SterileBlue
82R-M 25ft5.60mm7.62m (25ft)Non-SterileWhite
82R-S 25ft3.20mm7.62m (25ft)Non-SterileRed
  • Designed for protective use with various sizes of forceps.

  • Kind to tissue during surgery.
  • Good memory characteristics.
  • May be cut to the required length.
  • Radio-opaque
  • All our product range is latex and phthalate free.
  • 82SL – L  254mm (10”)
  • 82SL – M 254mm (10”)
  • 82SL – S 254mm (10”)
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, 20 pouches
    per carton.
  • 82R – L  7.7m (25ft)
  • 82R – M 7.7m (25ft)
  • 82R – S 7.7m (25ft)
  • Supplied non sterile in single wrapped pouch, single item.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • Supplied non-sterile.