All Silicone Two-Way Foley Catheter


The Medasil Two-Way Foley catheter is manufactured entirely from high-quality silicone elastomer and benefits from the established key properties of the material.

The all-silicone construction enhances patients comfort, allows longer intervals between catheter changes, maintains a patent lumen and efficient urine drainage, and eliminates balloon delamination and the associated encrustation of the debris fragments that can accumulate within the bladder.

Each catheter is presented sterile and double wrapped, with the inner packaging comprising an open-ended, perforated and textured sheath, designed to maintain optimum aseptic technique and improve tactile feedback for the HCP during the catheterisation procedure.

Colour Code
F.G. Colour5-10ml30ml5-10ml30ml2-3ml/3-5ml
8 Red83P-8
10 Yellow83P-10
12 White84M-1286F-12
14 Green84M-1486F-14
16 Orange84M-1685M-1686F-1687F-16
18 Red84M-1885M-1886F-1887F-18
20 Yellow84M-2085M-2086F-2087F-20
22 Purple84M-2285M-2286F-2287F-22
24 Blue84M-2485M-2486F-2487F-24

The Foley catheter is a clinically proven device enabling controlled and continuous drainage of urine from the bladder, for collection, measurement and disposal. The catheter features a tubular construction, with a rounded tip to aid insertion, and multiple proximal apertures (eyes) to allow unrestricted fluid flow into the central channel. These indwelling catheters are self-retaining devices – held in position by a balloon inflated in the bladder – and are routinely used throughout Healthcare environments, from hospital wards and departments, nursing and care homes, and homecare. The distal end of a two-way foley catheter incorporates:

  • A funnel connector leading to the primary drainage channel.
  • A luer connector used to access and inflate the integral balloon inside the bladder, to maintain secure placement.
  • Clinically approved: Chemically inert, biocompatible, and free from latex or phthalate (DEHP).
  • All-silicone construction: No delamination of balloon or catheter, and suitable for use over an extended period.
  • Reduced infection risk: Due to extended periods between routine changes of the catheter.
  • Perforated, textured inner packaging: Protects against contamination/optimises aseptic insertion technique.
  • Non-wetting surface: Maintains effective flow characteristics in the internal lumen.
  • Non-adherent surface: Resistant to encrustation of debris and urinary salts to the external surface.
  • Soft and pliable: Enhances patient comfort and tolerance.
  • Design options: Male, Female, and Paediatric lengths, with further options for balloon volume.
  • Extensive range: 26 product variants in total, to meet individual clinical requirements.
  • International colour coding: For clear size identification.
  • Radio-opaque: All catheters incorporate a radio-opaque line throughout the entire length.
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, available in 10 per carton

  • Sterilized for single use only. 3-5ml and 5-10ml balloon sterilized by gamma irradiation.

  • 30ml balloon sterilized by ethylene oxide.

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