Sharps Disposal Pad


Medasil Sharps Disposal Pads consist of a flat substrate layer measuring 150mm x 120mm, with integral perforated lines to assist safe and accurate folding and closure at the end of the procedure.

The base of the pad is coated with a 4mm layer of foam, coloured pale yellow to provide a good visual background, and half of the foam area also has a strong adhesive coating, initially protected by a transparent cover film.

430-0150-0000One size only 150mm x 120mm

Sharps Disposal Pads are initially designed to provide a safe, secure location for the temporary storage of used and discarded surgical sharps – needles and scalpel blades until the second interoperative count has been fully completed.

After the final count, the Pads are designed to fold easily in half, encasing the sharps in a protective foam cushion, and creating a reliable, sealed unit due to the adhesive content.

Clinical and support staff are protected from the risks associated with ‘needlestick injuries’ and bloodborne pathogens during the use, transport and disposal of the needles and blades in a clinical environment.

  • The strong adhesive provides excellent fixation/immobilisation of the needle or blade, for optimum safety.
  • Designed for single, reliable closure, and optimum protection for the user.
  • Deep foam component (4mm) provides an integral protective cushion against needlestick injuries.
  • Delivers the prescribed level of post-operative security to non-clinical Staff during the disposal phase.
  • Durable, non-shedding, foam structure resists particulate separation of components.
  • Two integral perforated lines, to facilitate full coverage and assist efficient, safe closure.
  • Foam layers bonded to the substrate layer, prevent delamination or separation of components.
  • Yellow-coloured foam provides a high-contrast background to enhance visibility and identification of sharps
  • High quality, and cost-effective
  • Free from latex or phthalate
  • Supplied sterile in individual single wrapped pouches, 50 pouches per carton.
  • Also available in a case of 300 units in boxes of 50.

Supplied sterilised by gamma irradiation for single use in individual, single-wrapped pouches – 50 units per box.

Standard Disposal Pad (DP1), with a firm, cardboard substrate layer.