Nerve Vessel Loops


Medasil Nerve Vessel Loops are designed to provide flexible, semi-elastic, retraction for soft and delicate tissues including blood vessels, nerves and tendons, in order that these structures can be temporarily repositioned during a surgical procedure, thereby enabling improved visibilty and access to underlying anatomical features.
Individual silicone loops can also be used to occlude vessels, nerves and tendons and to “colour code” such structures to assist identification and training in a teachng environment.

5 per pouch - Mixed colour2 per pouch - Red/Blue1 per pouch - Assorted
420-1130-1595420-1130-1592420-1130-1591Diameter 1.50mm (0.059")
420-1130-2095420-1130-2092420-1130-2091Diameter 2.00mm (0.078")
420-1130-2595420-1130-2592420-1130-2591Diameter 2.50mm (0.098")
420-1130-3095420-1130-3092Diameter 3.00mm (0.118")
420-1130-3595420-1130-3592Diameter 3.50mm (0.137")

For use in slinging and retraction of blood vessels, nerves and tendons in surgical procedures, e.g. head and neck block dissections, vascular, cardiovascular, thoracic and gynaecological procedures.

Not suitable for use in direct contact with the central nervous system.

  • Smooth and non-adherent surface – reduces the risk of contact damage to the retracted tissue.
  • Oval cross-section – greater surface area more effectively dissipates pressure between the loop and
  • Coloured – bright, colour-fast pigments used, to provide high contrast and visibilty
  • Non-absorbant – will not absorb moisture or fluid from surrounding areas, and colour remains unchanged.
  • Good memory characterisics – the loop will revert to its original shape when external force is removed.
  • Five size options – five widths available to accomodate a wide range of anatomical requirements.
  • Radio-opaque. – contains Barium Sulphate to aid visibilty under X-ray.
  • All our product range is latex and phthalate free.   
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, 30 pouches per carton.
  • Supplied non-sterile in individual plastic bags, 30 bags per carton.
  • Standard pack contains 2 x red, 1 x blue, 1 x yellow and 1 x white.
  • All nerve and vessel loops are 450mm (18’’) in length.
  • Twin pack, mixed colours unless specified.
  • Single pack – choice of colour.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, single use only.

On Request

Nerve and vessel loops are available in a choice of colour, combination or pack size.
For requests please contact us at