Multitubular Drains


Medasil Silicone Multitubular drains are intended for use when a consistent drainage flow is required for the removal of fluids and exudate that have accumulated following surgery. For short term use (up to 29 days)

Multilumen strip design allows the tubes to be separated producing a tree shaped multilumen drain.

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The multilumen strip design allows the tubes to be separated, useful for delicate low bleed areas such as the hand, foot or breast.

Not suitable for use in direct contact with the central nervous system.

  • A multi-lumen, silicone elastomer structure, influenced by the established design of Yeates drain.
  • Sixteen narrow, flexible tubes connected to form a strip drain.
  • Easy to trim, and specifically designed to allow full or partial separation of each individual tube:
    • To adjust the overall width and create a narrower drain or
    • Create a drain with individual drainage channels that may be extended over a wide area.
  • Available in two different lengths (75mm & 400mm).
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, 10 pouches per carton

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, single use only

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