Multitubular Drains


A high-quality silicone drain with non-wetting multiple lumens, designed for use where sustained constant drainage is essential, permitting tubular and strip drainage. Tubes can be separated, producing a tree-shaped multi-drain.

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For use where multiple tubular or strip drainage is required. Not suitable for use in direct contact with the central nervous system.

  • A multi-lumen, silicone elastomer structure, influenced by the established design of Yeates drain.
  • Sixteen narrow, flexible tubes connected to form a strip drain 45mm.
  • Easy to trim, and specifically designed to allow full or partial separation of each individual tube:
    • To adjust the overall width and create a narrower drain or
    • Create a drain with individual drainage channels that may be extended over a wide area.
  • Available in two different lengths (75mm & 400mm).
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, 10 pouches per carton

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, single use only

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