Ribbon Drain


  1. Manufactured from silicone elastomer. The ribbon drain is a thin, flat silicone elastomer strip intended for post-operative drainage.
Cat./Ref.No. Width Length Thickness
412-1110-07457.5mm (0.275")450mm (17.716")0.5mm

When removing outer packaging, immerse the Ribbon Drain directly in sterile saline, and rinse thoroughly prior to insertion. The drain should be cut to the appropriate length and placed in a twisted, non-linear position, to enhance the drainage path inside the incision. Approximately 3cm of the drain should remain external to the skin, and the initial dressing should be moist to draw fluids out of the wound.

  • Drainage of small cavities which do not require suction drainage.
  • This drain may be useful in hand, foot or plastic surgery.
  • Not suitable for use in direct contact with the central nervous system.
  • A flat thin and flexible ribbon structure.
  • Easy to trim to provide a reduced length.
  • Useful where decreased scar formation and tissue reaction are important.
  • Suitable following plastic surgery, or procedures on the head, neck, hand or foot.
  • Suitable for drainage of small incisions, where suction drainage is inappropriate.
  • Suitable for use as an adjunct to suction drainage in larger incisions.
  • Enables accurate skin approximation with minimal obstruction.
  • Contains Barium Sulphate which may aid visibility under X-ray.
  • Supplied sterile in double wrapped pouches, 10 pouches per carton.

  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, single use only.

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