Silicone Stoma Buttons


Manufactured from high-quality silicone, flesh coloured and radio-opaque. Similar in design to the Helsper Button, but having a radius on all edges, the outer diameter being entirely smooth.

CodeDiameter Flange Options
139C10mm (0.39")Standard Flange 1.75mm (0.06”)
139D12mm (0.47")Standard Flange 1.75mm (0.06”)
139E14mm (0.55")Standard Flange 1.75mm (0.06”)

Suitable for use by laryngectomees who have a need for continually wear either a tube or button in their tracheostomy, in order to prevent narrowing of the stoma.

  • Manufactured from high-quality silicone, radio-opaque, non-wetting and durable.
  • Patient acceptance is good as the button is compatible, soft, easily cleaned and allows free movement of the head.
  • Supplied with a standard 1.75mm flange.
  • Affords optimum patient protection.
  • All our product range is latex and phthalate free.   
  • Supplied non-sterile in individual plastic bags, 10 bags per carton.
  • Available in 3 sizes – 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.
  • Supplied non-sterile.
  • Single patient use only.

On Request

  • Stoma buttons can be supplied in mixed sizes.
  • For requests please contact us at