Tonsil and Nasal Snare Wires


High-quality 127mm (5”) long stainless steel Snare Wire. The Medasil nasal and tonsil snare wires are manufactured in five sizes from 304 stainless steel, presented pre-formed and sterile for ease of use.

141-3150-0235Nasal Snare Wire50.35mm (0.014")
141-3150-0240Nasal Snare Wire60.40mm (0.016")
141-3150-0245Tonsil Snare Wire70.45mm (0.018")
141-3150-0250Tonsil Snare Wire80.50mm (0.020")
141-3150-0255Tonsil Snare Wire90.55mm (0.022")

For use in tonsillectomy procedures and the removal of nasal polyps.

  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel.
  • Presented pre-formed and sterile for easy use.
  • Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches, 50 pouches per carton.
  • Two pre-formed snares in each pouch.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation, single use only.