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Sharps Disposal Pad 

Medasil Sharps Disposal Pads consist of a flat substrate layer measuring 150mm x 120mm, with two integral perforated lines to assist safe and accurate folding, and effective closure, at the end of the procedure. The base of the pad is coated with a 4mm layer of PVA foam, coloured pale yellow to provide a good visual background. Half of the foam area has a strong adhesive coating, initially protected by a transparent cover film. 
Intended Use: 
Sharps disposal pads are initially designed to provide a safe, secure location in clinical areas for the temporary storage of used or discarded needles and blades, until the second interoperative count is successfully completed at the end of the procedure. After the count is reconciled, Sharps Pads should fully encase the hazardous contents in a protective foam cushion, with the integral adhesive surface ensuring that the pad maintains a strong and reliable closure to enable safe transit and disposal. 
Supplied sterile in individual, single wrapped pouches.  
50 units per box. 
Disposable Sharps Pad 
Local protocols governing the management of ‘Needlestick Injuries’ should be adhered to at all times. In addition, Medasil Surgical Ltd also advocates Good Practice for sharps management as follows: 
It is not recommended to reposition or reuse any sharps placed on the adhesive segment of the pad. 
The strength of the adhesive will resist removal of the needle or blade from the adhesive pad. 
Standard ‘Needlestick prevention’ protocols advocate minimal handling of any sharps. 
Sharps removed from the pad and subsequently reused may carry traces of adhesive into the operative site. 
Adhesive residue on the needle or blade can also attract, and inappropriately transport, particulate debris. 
It is not recommended to temporarily store a hollow device (eg hypodermic needle or cannula) on the foam area of the Sharps Disposal Pad: 
The design and hollow structure of the device presents the potential for ‘coring’ of the foam material. 
Any foam fragment in the lumen of the needle/ cannula could be inadvertently introduced into the operative site, and/or bloodstream. 
It is recommended that the disposal pad is closed and sealed ONCE ONLY, at the end of the procedure: 
The strength of the adhesive bond intentionally ensures that reopening of the Medasil pad is difficult to achieve. 
The intermittent opening/closing of any adhesive Sharps Pad will adversely affect the qualities of the pristine adhesive layer, resulting in reduced reliability, performance and effectiveness of the final closure. 
Any sharps pad compromised during clinical use by multiple opening/closing actions, may subsequently fail to remain sealed after closure. 
If the sealed Sharps Pad fails to maintain closure after being discarded by clinical staff, it represents an avoidable risk to the safety of other Staff responsible for handling Waste Management and Disposal. 
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