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Silicone Surgical Sheet 

The Silicone Surgical Sheet is indicated in patients whose abdominal wound sites cannot be closed because treatment is ongoing and may require abdominal re-exploration. 
Intended Use: 
Medasil Silicone Surgical Sheets are intended to be used as a temporary wound dressing, by trained Healthcare Professionals during abdominal surgery where the wound site needs to remain temporarily open due to ongoing treatment or re-exploration procedures.  
The device is intended for short-term use (up to 29 days). 
Single use only. 
Custom Internal Nasal Splint 
We also stock Custom Internal Nasal Splint which are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of the individual patient. The sheets can easily be trimmed to the desired size and shape by the surgeon. 
The device is intended for short-term use (up to 29 days). 
Single-use only. 
Latex and Phthalate free 
Manufactured from Silicone elastomer which is biocompatible, Latex and Phthalate free. 
Non-adherent surface 
The sheeting is inert and does not adhere to tissue. 
Soft and pliable 
May be easily trimmed to reduce size, if required. 
Allows for easy view of the affected area. 
160MM X 100MM X 0.5MM THICK 
Box of 1 
260MM X 260MM X 1MM THICK 
Box of 1 
12D-1110- 3146NS 
55MM X 75MM X 1.00MM THICK 
Box of 10 
12D-1110- 3146MS  
55MM X 75MM X 0.50MM THICK 
Box of 10 
12D-1110- 3146US 
55MM X 75MM X 0.25MM THICK 
Box of 10 
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