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Suction Handle 

The Medasil disposable Suction Handle is based on the established Zoellner design and provides a lightweight and effective suction control for use primarily in ENT surgery. Ergonomically balanced design for ease of use. Tube rotation suits left or right handed users. Universal size. 
Intended Use: 
Aural Suction is a feature of many routine procedures in ENT Operating Theatres and Outpatient Departments. The suction handle in combination with suction fine ends are used to progressively reduce the original diameter of the suction tube to improve vision and access, and to increase the suction pressure if required.  
Zoellner fine ends are available in a range of sizes. 
Supplied sterile in double wrapped peel pouch, boxes of 20 units 
Sterilised by ETO 
Suction control: Finger occlusion of the control aperture, located in the handle of the suction tube. 
Ergonomic design: Smooth contours, and comfortable to use. 
Versatile moulded hub: Standard, stepped tubing connector, with internal female luer fittings for syringes. 
Compatible: Readily accepts Medasil Zoellner fine suction ends when narrower suction devices are required. 
One Size Only 
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