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Zoellner Suction Tip 

Medasil Zoellner Suction Tip is designed to be compression fitted onto the distal end of a Zoellner or Frazier type suction tube, in order to provide fine suction at the aural cavity. The device is manufactured from a tapered brass ferrule, crimped to a stainless-steel tube. A range of tip diameters are available to suit the requirements of the clinician. The devices are biocompatible (Latex and Phthalate free), supplied sterile and are for single use only. 
Intended Use: 
Medasil Zoellner Suction Tip is intended to provide fine suction during middle ear surgery and procedures involving the removal of foreign bodies/cerumen/dermal flakes/discharge from the external auditory meatus. The device is intended for transient use (continuous use for less than 60 minutes). 
Zoellner fine ends are: 
Sterilised by irradiation 
Packaged in boxes of 50 units 
For single use only 
SWG 18 
SWG 20 
SWG 22 
SWG 24 
SWG 26 
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