Lean Six-Sigma

14th June 2014

Medasil Surgical is committed to the implementation of Lean and is in the process of rolling out Lean principles throughout the organisation. We are already benefitting significantly from the early results, both to the company and our customers. Both Lean principles and recently six sigma, underpins Medasil Surgical’s commitment to meet the needs of our customers and delivers both products and services that align to and exceed their expectations. Our customers should expect to receive high quality, high value product that are delivered on time.


Lean and Six Sigma principles are essential to ensure that this takes place and guarantee’s actions that also contribute to a positive perception of the company and enhance customer satisfaction.

Medasil Surgical firmly believe that by extensively training all employees at varying levels in Continuous Improvement techniques, either in Lean principles, Six Sigma or both, localised improvements in all areas are quickly captured and locked into place, identifying causes for process problems as well as a method for root cause elimination.

Lean and Six sigma ensure consistent, ever improving results and flexibility around production planning, allowing Medasil Surgical to meet our customers’ demands in a well-coordinated, organised and efficient environment.

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